7,000 Shipping Containers Used to Create Bazaar in Kyrgyzstan


Description: In Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 7000 (yes, that many) shipping containers have been collected, double-stacked and are being used as a thriving marketplace. Stores, offices, plazas, restaurants and streets make up the 1km long marketplace. Being the main entry point for consumer goods, there is no surprise that they chose to use shipping containers for all of the structural needs within the marketplace. It is not the most sophisticated or appealing structure on a aesthetic level, however it does the job perfectly well.

Number of Shipping Containers Used: 7,000.

Credits to: Unknown

Benefits: It is a very cheap option for building a double story marketplace and if they ever decide to remove it then it will be a very quick and straight forward removal process, particularly when compared to a normal building.  The other benefit to us is the proof, that you can never have TOO many shipping containers.

Investment: Unknown

Time to build: Unknown

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