Shipping Container Cafe

Description of Shipping Container Cafe:

Popularly known as the View Tube, the amazingly designed shipping container cafe is an excellent example of how shipping containers can be turned from scrap metal into something truly inspiring.

The shipping container cafe is made from shipping containers that were recycled and painted lime green.

Situated atop a hill that overlooks the London 2012 Olympics site, this multi-purpose shipping container cafe also serves as a gallery space and a look-out spot.

This 2-storey shipping container cafe was built by Urban Space Management. To build it, they had to first prefabricate it offsite and then followed by its assembly on site after it was transported to the location.

The structure is fitted with a cafe downstairs, sitting areas, low energy bulb lighting controlled by motion sensors, glass controlled by solar power and heating. Upstairs, you’ll find a large classroom and a multi shipping container viewing gallery.

Number of Shipping Containers Used in the Shipping Container Cafe:

15 shipping containers

Credits to:

Shipping Container Cafe by Urban Space Management/Container City

Benefits of Shipping Container Cafe:

Not only is the view tube shipping container cafe an incredibly designed structure, it cost far less than it would have taken to build a similar conventional structure.

The shipping container cafe is multi-purpose, innovative and is a social enterprise project.

People can get great tea, coffee, from the cafe or just take in the surroundings from the gallery upstairs.

With the many available sitting areas, bike renting facilities and educational activities, the View Tube shipping container cafe is an awesome place to chill, have fun, relax and unwind.

Investment: Unknown. Information to come

Time to build: 3 months off site and 2 days for assembly on site

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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