Build Your Own Home

Description of How to Build Your Own Home:

If you want to build your own home in Australia without necessarily having to spend a fortune, there is a way to do that without compromising on the quality of materials and the unique designs of the home.

To build your own home in Australia easily you may want to consider looking at this Timber Beach House owned by Jean Marc and Govinda. An amazing 60 meter square home in Srima, Auroville, India, the home’s designs were carried out by Castelino and Marchese Architects.

While this is not a shipping container home, you could build your own shipping container home by simply adapting the design to use shipping containers. To build something similar to this, you will need about two 20ft recycled containers for the ground floor and one or two 20 ft containers can be mounted as the first floor.

The Timber Beach House has a kitchenette, living room and bathroom on the ground floor, whilst the top floor consists largely of the bedroom.

Number of Shipping Containers that would Be Used to Build Your Own Home in Australia

2 x 20ft (at least)

Credits to:

Jean Marc and Govinda

Inspiration to build your own home from C&M Architects

Benefits when you Build Your Own Home in Australia:

To build your own home, you need to have the proper amount of cash, skill and resources. Luckily for you, you don’t need that much money to build your own home. With the shipping container home, you can easily construct a similar masterpiece for half the price of the Timber home.

When you build your own home in Australia, you’re less likely to worry about rent, the landlord throwing you out, the potential for inflated rents and so on. There’s nothing better than that. When you build your own home, you and your kids can rest easy. Also in the event of any mishap, you can be sure that you can borrow against the house -using it as collateral- you can sell, or even rent  to others.

Apart from all the financial benefits, it also gives you a huge sense of satisfaction to take a step back, look at your house and think to yourself ‘I built my own home’…

Investment: $22,000

Time to build: Unknown. Information to come

For more information about building your own home in Australia or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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