Cheap Container Homes

Cheap Container Homes:

Building your own home doesn’t have to be very difficult or even cost a small fortune for that matter. With cheap container homes available, you can build anything from a one bed, one bathroom home to a 4 bedroom, 4 bath home (or even more if you like).

It all depends on you. And the best part of it is you can design cheap container homes however you want them because of the materials used in building them. A good example of a cheap container home is this home built by Chutayaves Sinthuphan.

Located in Thailand and constructed out of 2 20ft shipping containers, this one bed, one bathroom home which features wide windows and glass doors was built for an individual who wanted a place to live that was nearer to his workplace.

This cheap container home also comes equipped with a prefabricated bathroom. The interior is largely insulated using recycled insulation materials. The overhanging roof helps with ventilation and keeping the home cool at all times.

Two 20ft Shipping Containers

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Cheap Container Homes by Chutayaves Sinthuphan (A Site-Specific Experiment)

Benefits of Cheap Container Homes:

Cheap container homes are typically cheaper than conventional homes. This combined with the fact that the designs can be flexible and creative makes them very appealing.

Cheap container homes can also be easily relocated to another location. In some instances, you don’t even have to dismantle it to move it. Depending on the size, you can easily transport it from one location to the other.

And even when you have to dismantle cheap container homes, recoupling often does not take any time at all. It can be done in one day or so.

Also, building and constructing cheap container homes from ground floor up, doesn’t take as much time as it does to build conventional homes. A standard container home typically take days to weeks to construct from start to finish.

Investment: $10,000

Time to build: Information to come

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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