Container Cabins Pty/Ltd Australia

Located in Lismore NSW and is an Australian owned and operated company manufacturing a wide range of shipping container units(transportable homes or modular homes) Australia wide.
They say their “point of difference is the full custom options available and the complete service from design/council to fabrication and installation.” Which is nice but we would not say this is a point of difference as most shipping container cabin companies offer full customisation, less but still a few also offer the complete service from beginning to end.

Like many other companies in Australia Container cabins see the value and are experienced in off the grid and Eco, sustainable building methods and also understand that although many people want this they don’t necessarily want to compromise on all the luxuries of a new home.

They say that “Internal finishes are of the highest standard and we have the believe that our work is our advertising.” but as of yet we have not been able to inspect their work, nor have we spoken to anyone who can agree or deny this statement.  Lets hope their spelling/grammar is nothing to go on (we have the believe that our work is our advertising).

Container cabins have a couple of very short video’s on their website, we weren’t really impressed with them but you can make your own decision, here they are –

One other thing we are a bit unsure of is their statement of “we have been very successful without any type of advertising costs for the past 5 years” and yet the other video on their site is TV ad which was produced in 2011, at the time of writing this that is only 2 years ago…. perhaps they mean they have not paid for advertising that has gone to air? (we do not know if it was shown on TV) or perhaps they got a TV ad for free? At this point in time these are just assumptions but they are better than the alternative assumption.   Anyway you can watch the ad below.

Pricing?  At this point we do not have any indication of the price or value of their container cabins/buildings but they do say they have a ‘best price guarantee’.

So far our observations are limited to what they show us on their website but we hope to have a good chat to them soon and we will let you know how that goes.

The above information was correct as of 13 Nov 2013.

In addition to the above information, we have now found out Container Cabins Pty. Ltd. is the same or joint company with Container Build Group Pty. Ltd.

They have the same branding and contact details so we don’t think they are trying to be sneaky but it is useful to know and surprisingly their other website is much more helpful and professional.  From our assessment of the website and the details contained on it, we think they are a much more capable company and worth contacting and getting a quote.

One more note about Container Cabins or Container Build Group is that they seem to have a very cheap option for transporting the cabins, we are not sure what the extra costs are for transport from the rail station but they say they can ship via rail road “a 20FT cabin from Brisbane to Sydney for $256.00 and from Brisbane to Melbourne for $560.00”.

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

All comments and criticism regarding Container Cabins Pty. Ltd. and Container Build Group Pty. Ltd. is given as an unbiased review, what readers do with this is up to them and it is in no way meant to be slander.  Whether you are part of this business or simply feel that the above information is incorrect please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it, we are a bunch of Ozzies and therefore feel any issues can be dealt with in the Australian way of just having a chat, we can even have a beer if you want.


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