Description of Shipping Container Home Designs:

Looking for amazing shipping container home designs? With increased acceptance, shipping container home architects are becoming more daring in their container home designs. Doubt it? Take a look at The “Suburban House Kit”.

Designed by Adam Kalkin, this is one of his many interesting shipping container home designs. Alongside Martin Kersels, Jim Isermann,  Haim Steinbach, Tobias Rehberger, and Aernout Mik,, the shipping container home designs incorporated a backyard, an origami garden, a drive way and was built using prefab steel shipping containers. Everything in the container home designs were meant to encourage the suburban lifestyle.

 Number of Shipping Containers in the Container Home Designs:shipping container kit homes

2 x 20ft and 3 x 40ft containers

Credits to:

Container home designs by Adam Kalkin, with Jim Isermann, Martin Kersels, Aernout Mik, Tobias Rehberger, and Haim Steinbach

Benefits of Shipping Container Home Designs:

Shipping container home designs can be as exquisite and architecturally awesome as you like or as minimalist as you want.

The whole thing depends on the architect and the client. Shipping container homes are however unique because they tend to stand out. Unlike conventional home designs, they can be as innovative and flexible as desired.

All shipping container design experts, enthusiasts or amateurs can build excellent non-conventional homes. And no matter how weird or extraordinary your requests, you are bound to find shipping container designs that will suit your needs and then some.

Investment: Unknown.

Time to build: Unknown.

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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