Contemporary House Extension From Shipping Containers


Description: This is the perfect halfway solution. For those who like the idea of a shipping container home yet may not want them to make up the entirety of the structure in which they live in. This is the definition of a contemporary and modern house extension in France. Designed by an Architect, Christophe Nogry with the intention of carrying out the house extension with shipping containers without there being a prominent difference between the old and new part of the house or I suppose, so it didn’t look like a house with shipping containers attached to it. Wood skeleton was used to connect the old and the new which the Architect seemed to think worked quite well in the end. The shipping container extension served as a bigger living and dining room, along with a new room and bathroom.

Number of Shipping Containers Used: Information not provided.

Credits to: Christophe Nogry

Benefits: The main benefit here is the fact that shipping containers do not have to be what the entirety of your home is made of. There are so many different uses for them and it seems shipping containers are an excellent option for an extension to a home, which needs more space or more character, or both.

Investment: Information not provided

Time to build: Information not provided

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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