Cost of Converted Shipping Containers by ENS Projects

Description of Converted Shipping Containers:

Recycled and converted shipping containers are becoming more popular and people are building more homes using these converted shipping containers.

Converting shipping containers and using them to build shipping container homes and structures is not only smart, it is cost effective and can be used to build just about anything.

The Periscope Project is a fantastic example of how a few people converted shipping containers into amazing architectural and artistic structures.

Designed and completed in 2011 by Petar Perisic, the project was built using shipping containers that had the following dimensions 8ft x 9ft x 45ft. The project had 2 floors.

The ground floor was referred to as a communal studio workspace while the other converted shipping containers were combined into project space, workshop and gallery. Water, internet and electricity were also provided.

Number of Converted Shipping Containers Used:

5 Converted Shipping Containers

Credits to:

Converted Shipping Containers by Petar Perisic

ENS Projects

Benefits of Converted Shipping Containers:

For those who don’t know, converted shipping containers are an excellent means of lower the cost of homes. When done right these types of houses don’t cost as much as traditional wood and pre-cast concrete.

You could build or assemble a fabulous home for less than half the price it’d cost you to build a traditional home.

Houses built using converted containers can be hardy, exquisitely designed, sophisticated, and beautiful.

When most people who don’t know anything about the usefulness of converted shipping containers hear about the amazing benefits, they are often amazed. but, when they see the results, well nothing quite beats that.

If you’re thinking of constructing a Guest house, Office or other building soon, you should seriously consider using converted shipping containers. They are fantastic.

Cost of shipping container home:

At present we are unable to describe the cost of shipping container homes.

Time to build: Information to come

For more information about the cost of shipping container homes, ¬†building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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