Cube Modular Homes Australia is a Western Australian business which is family owned, they primarily offer medium to high end shipping container homes.  Like many other shipping container home companies, Cube Modular Homes Australia use a modular construction system from shipping containers and other construction materials and therefore, among other benefit, shortens construction time.

At the time of writing this, Cube Modular Homes Australia offer product lines that include,

Cube Modular Homes Australia

  • Residential homes
  • Home extensions
  • Holiday homes
  • Mine site accommodation, and
  • Shipping container units

many of which can be ordered with a flat or pitched roof, with clean modern or traditional siding windows and with or without an attached garage.  Along with the product lines which they have created they are also able to work with their clients to produce completely custom, one-off designs, based on their modular system for a standard architectural fee, this is usually 15% of construction costs.

Cube Modular Homes Australia state that they are “dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service; from the initial evaluation of your project, through surveying and permitting, construction and the delivery process, we will be there to maintain quality control and ensure your project goes smoothly.”  and although we have not had the pleasure of working with them, based on what we have seen so far we believe they would have good customer service and be able to help from start to finish.

Cube Modular Homes Australia prices?

The website of  Cube Modular Homes Australia states “we can provide a high level of design while maintaining low prices for designs that can actually be built” and compared to many other shipping container home companies we think this is a fair statement, but with home prices starting at $149,000 they are certainly not the cheap shipping container homes that most people are looking for.  However if these are compared to traditional house prices then they are still a great offer.

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

All comments and criticism regarding Cube Modular Homes Australia is given as an unbiased review, what readers do with this is up to them and it is in no way meant to be slander.  Whether you are part of this business or simply feel that the above information is incorrect please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it, we are a bunch of Ozzies and therefore feel any issues can be dealt with in the Australian way of just having a chat, we can even have a beer while we chat about Cube Modular Homes Australia if you want.

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  • Michael Monroe
    June 3, 2015

    At last! I had given up of ever owning my own place now I have back what I had given up on…hope.

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