Recycled Shipping Container:

Recycled shipping containers are fast going mainstream. This is not surprising given their dynamic nature. Anyone can buy a shipping container and build a house, an office, apartment blocks or even use it as an expression of art.

A good example of this is Greg Mike’s recycled shipping container art design. Greg Mike has a formal training as a studio artist and then founded the ABV Agency & Gallery located in ATLANTA, GA.

This recently completed artwork on the recycled container was one of his art projects.

This recycled shipping container artwork can also double as a functional “pop up” shipping container conference room.

Recycled Shipping Container Used:

One Shipping Container

Credits to:

Greg Mike

Recycled Shipping Container from ABV Agency

Benefits of Using Recycled Shipping Container:

Recycled shipping container homes, offices and structures are great because they don’t cost that much to build, maintenance is easy, are eco-friendly and consumes less energy than  traditional homes. And because of their framework and structure, they are quite easy to construct, and the architectural designs can be innovative.

Unlike traditional structures and buildings, these houses and structures also don’t take that much time to build; depending on the design and complexity. Constructing a typical container structure can take about 1-4 months.

Investment: Unknown. Information to come

Time to build: Unknown. Information to come

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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