Modern Container Home Australia

Description of this Modern Container Home:

Shipping container storage has long been thought of as having only one purpose.  However, a growing trend among smart, innovative people has taken shipping containers for sale and is turning them into one of the more eco-friendly housing options available.

This very stylish, crafty and modern container home has taken advantage of the living space created by stacking 2 x 40ft shipping containers horizontally on top of 2 x 40ft shipping containers.  There is then a staircase which runs up between the centre of the top two 40ft shipping containers. The house can be closed off by dropping down the big veranda and even more noticeable and creative is the white exterior made from shipping pallets, it certainly does add a certain re-use flare to the entire modern container home.

They have then also created an upstairs outside deck and by using steel wires for the railing, they have created a space which does not restrict the visibility of the wide open farm lands.

Overall it is a very modern container home because of the shape and use of the folding door and exterior materials used.

Number of Shipping Containers Used for this Modern Container Home:

2 x 40ft and 2 x 20ft

Credits to:

Modern Container Home by Infiniski

Benefits of this Modern Container Home:

The main point to note is the shipping pallets (which were later changed to just wooden boards) used in order to create a stylish effect and at the same time reduce the suns heat on the internal house temperature.

Another big benefit is that because it does not have the standard external shipping container walls, it would be much easier to get  Australian council approval. The visual appearance is normally the only reason a council can reject a shipping container home (as long as the building is structually sound and meets all livable standards), many think they are UGLY or unsightly and feel they would bring down the ‘feel’ of the neighbourhood.


Estimated $45,000 (Does not include Time)

Time to build:

Estimated 2 people, 8hrs a Day x 5 Days a Week, 4 Weeks to complete = Total 320 Hours to build this modern container home.

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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