Pallotta Teamworks Shipping Container Headquarters


Description: It seems fitting that a charitable company chose the cheapest and most viable option for their headquarters, that of course, being shipping containers! When Pallotta Teamworks approached the architectural company, Clive Wilkinson Architects, all they had was an empty raw factory, a small budget and inspiration. In this space, shipping containers act as both private offices as well as anchors to the other structural parts. Given their budget did not allow for air-conditioning throughout the entirety of the building, it was a huge benefit that the individual temperatures could be monitored and adjusted as needed.

Number of Shipping Containers Used: Information not provided

Credits to: Clive Wilkinson Architects

Benefits: Everything and anything to do with a budget. This is all the proof you need that shipping containers have the ability to decrease costs immensely. Not only that though, they also make things look really, really cool. Don’t you think?

Investment: No information provided.

Time to build: Information not provided.

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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