Description: Built to support and promote a creative sub-culture movement in Seoul, Korea, Platoon Kunsthalle is made up of a huge 28 shipping containers – 3000 square feet in total! Graft Lab Architects are responsible for this huge and incredible centre which houses exhibit spaces, art studio areas, bars and restaurants. This structure is part of a bigger movement in Seoul where cultural and communication programs are being pushed to the forefront to encourage an artistic movement in Korea. The design and structure of the containers is really quite simple, but so effective. Each room is decked out individually giving it so much character and a very modern and fun feel. It is a huge (so much room for everything and anything), clean, fresh and creative space.

Number of Shipping Containers Used: 28!

Credits to: Graft Lab Architects

Benefits: It seems fitting that a place that is trying to encourage artistic growth, exists in a structure as cool as this. There is amazing artwork throughout, an awesome bar and an even better rooftop! Pretty sure if you were within these walls, you would forgot entirely that they could be made out of old containers!

Investment: Information not provided

Time to build: Information not provided

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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