Description: This is proof that absolutely anything can be created out of shipping containers if you have the means, and of course the determination! This incredible retail space, occupied by Puma City takes up 11,000 square feet of space and if that’s not enough to make you realize just how far they have taken the practicality of using shipping containers for means other than transportation, you should know that it responds to all of the usual building processes! Including but not limited to, HVAC systems, international building code regulations and plug-in electrical points, making it the first of it’s kind!

Number of Shipping Containers Used: No information provided

Credits to: Unknown

Benefits: You would assume something of this size would be stuck in the one place for the rest of it’s days but that is absolutely not true. This monstrous Puma City home has been designed to be mobile – yes you heard right! Each module, within the 40-foot long shipping containers that have been used, which can be joined both vertically and horizontally, are designed to be able to be shipped as conventional cargo containers.

Investment: No information provided

Time to build: No information provided

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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