Quick shack produce 2 bedroom pre-fab modular units.  These units are backed by their big brother company Quicksmart Homes.  The units are designed to be either independent or can be connected to multiple units.  The standard unit comes with a predetermined set fit out including quartz stone bench tops and glass splash backs.  Although there appears to be no customising internally the exterior has multiple colour options or cladding and roof designs including a planted green roof, there is a great little interactive page to provide some idea of the end product.

The unit arrives fully assembled, watertight and weatherproof, just requiring connection to the footings and utilities.  They also state they normally have units in stock meaning once you are ready they can be trucked immediately.  They have also recently opened a showroom in Sydney providing a potential option to try before you buy.  The Quick shack is priced at $85,000 + GST, not including transport, site works and all permissions and permits, they can provide advice on transport and builders they have used but it is your responsibility.

Although the units appear to be constructed from shipping containers from the standard exterior, Quick shacks state they are a steel framed modular unit and do not mention shipping containers.  Also at 14,638mm x 3,400mm x 2,896mm the dimensions provided appear to exceed your standard container. The Quick shacks are all built to meet the required BCA’s and Australian Standards, Quicksmart Homes provides a 12month warranty for the building and even provide a welcome kit/user guide.  They do state that any bushfire or cyclone ratings that need to be met must be discussed with your builder, but despite this they are a durable option designed for all areas of Australia.

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

All comments and criticism regarding Quick Shack is given as an unbiased review, what readers do with this is up to them and it is in no way meant to be slander.  Whether you are part of this business or simply feel that the above information is incorrect please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it, we are a bunch of Ozzies and therefore feel any issues can be dealt with in the Australian way of just having a chat, we can even have a beer while we chat about Quick Shack if you want.

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