Description: Talk about a different kind of beach house! Designed and built by Peter DeMaria Design Associates, this beautiful beach home, which combines traditional and conventional building materials along with recycled steel ISO cargo containers, makes for an amazing beachfront residence. Available as a “packaged architecture” through Logical Homes, which is an affiliated company to DeMaria Designs, it definitely takes alternative housing methodologies to a brand new level. An interesting point to note is that seventy percent of the structure is actually constructed prior to arriving on site, making for a more productive building process, both in time efficiency and quality construction.

Number of Shipping Containers Used: Information to come

Credits to: Peter DeMaria Design Associates

Benefits: The fact that there is a mixture of both steel shipping containers, as well as traditional stick building materials, it makes this residence almost destructible, which is a sure bonus, when for example, you are going to build it right by the beach. This also makes them resistant to mold, termites and fire. The fact that this Redondo beach home was awarded 2007 AIA Honor Award for Design Excellence/Special Innovation speaks for itself!

Investment: Information not provided

Time to build: Information not provided

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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