Royal Wolf are possibly the largest supplier of shipping containers to all of Australia, not only is the company branded as Royal Wolf a huge company but they have also bought out several other companies.  This gives them huge benefits and abilities over many other smaller companies, such as price to anywhere and ability to supply just about any type of container(s) you are after.  However, as we found out it does have one big downside, corporate BS.Royal Wolf shipping containers

We were going to email them but their was no email contact address and no simple contact form, the request a quote form was huge and did not allow for what we wanted, at the time of contemplating we recieved an email from a Royal Wolf salesperson who was replying to an email we sent to Container Sales Australia, the salesperson we spoke with was very helpful and keen to help us out where ever possible. This however was not the case for certain other employee’s.

They do have some very good information on their website, including detailed information regarding delivery and modifications so it is worth a look and they also have built entire homes although they did say this was not a focal point for their business and so we feel they are probably not the best option if you want a complete house built.

Royal Wolf prices?

They offer very good prices on most of their containers and delivery to most places, but prices on modifications seem to only be ok and not quite as attractive offer as their container prices.

We have spoken with quite a few people who have dealt with Royal Wolf and there has been mixed responses in terms of service but the majority have all agreed the end products we good to very good.

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

All comments and criticism regarding Royal Wolf is given as an unbiased review, what readers do with this is up to them and it is in no way meant to be slander.  Whether you are part of this business or simply feel that the above information is incorrect please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it, we are a bunch of Ozzies and therefore feel any issues can be dealt with in the Australian way of just having a chat, we can even have a beer if you want.

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