Shipping Container Architecture

Shipping Container Architecture

Shipping container architecture and designs are getting increasingly daring and creative. In the past, shipping container buildings were typically bland, lacking in imagination and left much to be desired.

But with new and innovative concepts, new design standards are being created in shipping container architecture. It’s rare that we find a shipping container home or office whose design isn’t an architectural masterpiece.

The new wave of shipping container offices or shipping container houses are guaranteed to be a sight for sore eyes, exquisitely designed and tastefully crafted. A fantastic example of an awe inspiring structure created using shipping containers is the eCORRE Complex.

The Complex built from recycled shipping containers is a proposal made to the City of Long Beach, California by a Los Angeles based design company, APHIDoIDEA.

The innovative shipping container architecture was entered into the AIA-LA/USGBC Emerging Talent Design Competition and qualified as the winner of the competition.

The design group will in the future turn the shipping container architecture into a sustainable and on-going green and environmental awareness project that will educate and promote the use of alternative and renewable energy, recycled shipping containers and materials, solar energy, passive cooling methods, interior daylighting, reuse of grey water, rooftop gardens among others.

The superb masterpiece was built with sixty five shipping containers. It was designed to feature an exhibition hall, open public plaza, classrooms, offices and outdoor amphitheatre

Number of Containers Used in this Shipping Container Architecture:

 65 Iso Recycled Shipping Containers


Shipping Container Architecture by APHIDoIDEA

Benefits of Shipping Container Architecture

Innovative and forward thinking architects are beginning to seriously consider shipping container architecture and designs. And for good reason too.

Unlike traditional homes and buildings where there is a limit to what you can do, architects can go wild with the shipping containers. Designers can go as extreme or as conservative as possible when it comes to shipping container architecture.

The designs can be used to create innovative and appealing shipping container office, shipping container house, guest houses, cabins and other structures.

It’s all left to the designer to do as he or she wills. Shipping container architecture can pretty much be limitless in its potential and extremely affordable.

However, now that we’re just beginning to uncover the amazing potentials and uses of shipping containers, only the future can tell just how far shipping container architecture will go. In the meantime, enjoy the stunning designs of shipping container homes or office you see because they do exist.

Investment: Unknown. Information to come

Time to build: Unknown. Information to come

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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