Shipping Container Buildings Description:

Are you thinking of shipping container buildings? Have you considered the benefits of shipping container buildings? If you are looking to construct an office without necessarily spending too much, you should consider shipping container buildings and offices.

Some of these you can get for less than half the cost of a traditional office or building. A good example of this is the “Box Office” shipping container building project in Providence, Rhode Island.

To build this 10,000 square foot shipping container building successfully, Peter Gill (owner and developer) had to use 32 shipping containers. Designed by Joe Haskett of Distill Studio, the 3-storeyed building contains twelve studios and offices.

Renters interested in getting a space in this shipping container building can easily acquire a 640 square foot unit at a $1,000 each. There’s also a small discount for renters who are energy conscious.

This shipping container building is designed to use 25% less energy that other traditional buildings thanks to decentralized air-to-air and heat pumps. And to help water the plants in the surroundings, rain water is collected via rain gardens.

Number of Shipping Containers Used in Shipping Container Buildings:

32 Shipping Containers

Credits to:

Shipping Container Buildings by Joe Haskett and Peter Jill Case

Benefits of Shipping Container Buildings:

Did you know that many people don’t know shipping container buildings are typically less costly, surprisingly affordable and with the right designs can easily look even more stylish and sophisticated than the standard conventional buildings.

Anyone looking to construct shipping container buildings really needs great initiative and experienced builders to pull it through. With these two elements, you can build amazing shipping container buildings.

Shipping container buildings can be used as offices, hotels, apartments, homes, cabins and so on.

With proper modifications, your shipping container buildings can even be turned into a pop up restaurant.

Investment: About $150,000

Time to build: Unknown. Information to come

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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