Shipping Container Cabin

Description of this Shipping Container Cabin

Getting a stylish shipping container cabin these days is easier than it was in the past; not to mention that people are beginning to see the allure of having a shipping container home, resulting in an increased demand for unconventional but green cabins like this. This Holyoke Cabin is one of those highly affordable shipping container cabins.

Designed and built by Paul and Scott Stankey and their two wives, the 480 sq ft shipping container cabin didn’t really cost much. Built in 2008, the brothers started by buying two 20 ft shipping containers for a total of $1600. Then designed and incorporated a dining, laundry and living room, kitchen and beds. To hold the cabin to the ground, 12 piers were used to create the foundation and the containers welded to the 12 piers.

The two containers are linked to each other by a glass door entrance and a middle section loft and roof. Lighting and electricity is partially powered using solar panels and a rain water tank. Bottom line, it is a self sustaining, eco-friendly and green shipping container cabin.

Number of Shipping Containers Used in this Shipping Container Cabin

Two 20ft shipping containers

Credits to:

Shipping Container Cabin by Paul and Scott Stankey

Benefits of this Holyoke Shipping Container Cabin

This shipping container cabin is a green, eco-friendly one. Building this is far cheaper than the cost of building traditional cabins.

People who take out loans for a shipping container cabin like this can easily pay off their debts in a couple of  years whilst having a roof over their heads. Because it is self sustaining, owning one helps reduce the steadily increasing amount of carbon footprint.

The interior can be as lavishly or sparsely furnished as you want, there’s really no limit to how much you want to furnish it. This is only limited by your creativity and imagination.


The total cost of building this lovely Holyoke shipping container cabin was $15,000.

Time to build:

Unknown, but we would expect to take 2 people at 8 hrs a day no more than 4 weeks to complete

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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