Shipping Container Guest house

Description of these Shipping Container Guest House

With the increasing popularity of buildings constructed from shipping containers, some industrious folks are converting these useful assets into interesting living and recreational spaces like a shipping container guest house.

A good example is the shipping container guest house at Alterra Pinamar Beach resort in Argentina. Designed by Clorinda Testa, this shipping container guest house boasts of fantastic amenities, efficient lighting and a green friendly energy source.

Located in Pinamar, this shipping container guest house falls in the category of leisure activities known as glamorous camping or “glamping”.

The shipping container guest house was built to maximize space, be aesthetically pleasing, encourage sustainability and promote outdoor relaxation.

The containers were cut and hewed out at different parts to create room for windows and sliding glass doors. This, combined with the beautiful interior painting and décor lends class and taste to the place.

The timber decking lends perfection to it. Shipping container guest house was built to the highest standards and meets all the requirements of the zone’s building codes.

Number of Shipping Containers Used in the Shipping Container Guest House:

Varies. Could be 2-10 depending on the size of the shipping container guest house

Credits to:

Shipping container guest house  by Clorinda Testa

Benefits of this Shipping Container Guest House

A shipping container guest house is a cheap way to build amazing, creative and tastefully furnished  recreational spots for hotels, resorts, homes, getaway locales and personal use. And because they are affordable, tourists or visitors can spend just $250 a night.

The  guest house is energy efficient, doesn’t use up too much space, is well ventilated an fully equipped with all amenities. Staying in one of these is a fantastic way to enjoy your resort whilst reducing carbon footprints and emissions.

Investment: Information to come

Time to build: Unknown, but we figure it will take 4-8 men working 8 hour shifts five days a week  1-24 weeks depending on the complexity of the designs and size of the shipping container guest house

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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