Along with the information on this website we will list all books which we highly recommend you read.  We have had a few people say to us “why would I bother paying for a couple of books, particularly when I can get free information on the Internet?” our answer ‘Spending a couple of hundred dollars learning from as many experts as possible will save you $10,000 to $20,000, a lot of time and a lot of headaches’ There are quite a few books on shipping container homes and we have read most of them, the ones listed below are the ones we believe are the most useful and we highly recommend you read them now even if you are just in the assessment or planning stages.


Shipping Container Home BooksBuild A Container Home

Once you can get over the slightly corny sales page and actually buy the book it you will see the writer is down to earth and has straight forward explanations and diagrams, of all the how-to books on building a container home this one has the most helpful information and it is our favourite.  Very useful for anyone deciding if they want to build a container home, anyone in planning and even good for those who are in the process of building.

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