UMN Boxman Studios

Shipping Container Bazaar In Kyrgyzstan

Shipping Container Building in Gwangju Korea

Popping Up Container Homes In NYC

Platoon Kunsthalle, Seoul

New Zealand Shipping Container House

Shipping Container Lakeside Retreat

Container Studio

Container Housing Italy

OCEANSCOPE Shipping Container Structure

Future Shack

Adam Kalkin Container Building

LOT EK Modular Dwelling Unit

Shipping Container Art Studio

3 Bedroom Shipping Container House

Pallotta Teamworks Headquaters

Container Office

Contemporary Shipping Container House Extension

Puma Container City

Redondo Shipping Container Beach House

Linterna Group Shipping Container Architects

Riverside Shipping Container Building Marketing Suite

Mexico Container City


Two Story Container House in Malaysia

Container Home in Krabi, Thailand

Freeman Feldman Shipping Container Home

Naked Shipping Container House


Travelodge shipping container hotel

Shipping container conversions

Houses Made from Shipping Containers

Shipping container guesthouse

portable housing containers

Shipping Container Accomodation

Shipping Container Conversion

Shipping container home designs

Shipping Container Conversions in Australia

Recycled shipping container

Shipping container buildings

Shipping Container Pop-Up Prefab Party Venue

Student Container Housing

Shipping Container Restaurant

Affordable Shipping Container Homes

Shipping Container City

Shipping container student housing

Modified Shipping Container Homes

Container Buildings

Shipping Container Studio

Container homes in Australia

Container City Shopping Mall

Homes Made From Shipping Containers

Shipping container architecture

Shipping Container Hotel

Eco Cabins

Shipping container retreat

Cheap Container Homes

Off the grid homes

Storage container house

Modified Shipping Container

Pop up restaurant Sydney

Build Your Own Home

Shipping Container Architecture

Converted Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Conversion

Modified Shipping Containers

Building With Shipping Containers in Australia

Building a House Out of Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Ideas

Shipping Container Apartments

Using Shipping Containers for Housing

Storage container homes

Shipping Container Office

Container Conversion Home

Sea Container Homes

Shipping Container House

Shipping Container Cabins

Recycled Shipping Container Home

Shipping Container Shelter in Australia

Adam Kalkin Shipping Container House

Modern Container Home

DIY shipping container home

There is now a large number of shipping container homes being built and may of these are DIY shipping container homes. If you take a look through all the images above you will find a range of DIY container homes and if you want to know how to build your own DIY shipping container home then we suggest you read How to build your container home.

Looking for Custom Container Home Designs? We recommend for all custom plans.

Shipping container apartments

Along with the DIY container homes there is also large shipping container construction happening with shipping container apartments, These shipping container apartment complexes hold up to 300 dwellings and are being built in many countries across the world.
If you take a look through all the images above you will find a few of the shipping container apartments which have been built.

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