Australia is in it’s infancy when it comes to shipping container homes and container cabins, therefore the number and type of shipping container homes for sale is limited, however since 2004 the demand has grown greatly and the number of suppliers selling shipping container homes has grown with it.

Also due to the large number of designs completed around the world you can normally work with an architect or shipping container home supplier and get them to build something similar to the the container home design.

Considerations when looking at shipping container homes for saleShipping container homes for sale

Many aspects of a container house are the same as traditional houses, for example fire ratings, wind ratings, asthetic suitability for the surroundings ETC.  However, if not approached correctly then you may run into problems or you may pay for things which are not needed in your situation, below are some of the misconceptions or issues which you may face.

Insulation of a shipping container home

We often get asked “don’t shipping container homes get hot?” although their assumption is somewhat founded, the answer to this problem is simply INSULATE IT.  The heat which is produced from the metal surface is no different to the millions of metal roofs on house across Australia and the rest of the world.

Their are quite a few options on how the containers can be insulated and theses include option for inside and outside the container, many people also grow trees next to their shipping container house and this provides shade, therefore reducing the direct light and heat from the sun.

Council approval

Another question we are often asked is “is it hard to get council approval?”.  When looking at shipping container homes for sale you should certainly get council approval before committing to buy the house just in case you have a difficult council, but in most cases there is minimal objections to building a house out of shipping containers and if you can be flexible with things like colours and general cleanliness (not have a rusted half completed look to the building) then their should be no reason to get knocked back by the council.

Shipping container cabins are often assessed differently so make sure you know what rules there are for different types of buildings.

Another thing to consider is what type of building is the shipping container house you are buying and where is it going?  Most councils have limited rules on portable buildings so if it can be dismantled and put on the back of a truck then it may be classed as a portable/transportable building and therefore not be subject to council regulations.  We do not recommend pushing the limits by painting the house fluro yellow in a posh suburb like Brighton though.

Build or buy the shipping container house?Shipping Container Cabins for sale

Many of the container homes in Australia have been built or partially built by the occupants and this is because they can be quite easy to modify and fit out once on site, the containers provide a good solid structure to start from.  However you do need practical skills, tools and the time to complete the house yourself and these (except tools) are not available to most working families so quite a few people just buy shipping container houses from a supplier.  If you are going to buy a container house be aware that the cost goes up considerably due to the cost of hiring skilled workman, at $150,000 for a 175sqm house they can still be cheaper than traditional houses but not as cheap as many people may think.

For more information on building your own shipping container click here

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Suppliers of shipping container homes and cabins for sale in Australia

Gateway Container sales and hire (Australia Wide)

Quick Shack (Showroom Sydney, Transport Australia Wide)

Enviro Habitats Pty Ltd (Australia Wide)

Cube Modular Homes (Australia Wide)

Container Homes Designer Domain (Unsure)

Mac Customs

Port Container Services (Australia Wide)

Royal Wolf (Australia Wide)

Container Cabins (Australia Wide)

Container Build Group (Australia Wide)

Price and Speed (Australia Wide)

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Please note: We are in no way affiliated with any of these companies and we do not receive any form of payment for this service, we simply do it to improve the industry within Australia and take no responsibility for the responses or lack of responses you receive from these companies.

There are a lot of companies who have shipping container homes for sale in Australia and if you are struggling to find what you are looking for then please feel free to contact us and we will see if we can help out.

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