Description of Muvbox Pop Up Restaurant

Wanna see something cool? How about a shipping container that opens up or unfolds into a classy full fledged restaurant in 90 seconds? That’s what the Muvbox Pop Up restaurant is. Located in Montreal Canada, this Pop Up Restaurant is one of a kind.

Because of its unique and innovative design, the Müvbox Pop Up Restaurant did win the Gold Award at the Canadian National Design Exchange Awards hosted by the Canadian Museum of Design.

The particular feature that tipped the scale in its favour was the fact that it could be moved to anywhere without any problems. And its energy consumption are largely green and solar.Pop up restaurant Sydney

In fact, shipping containers have been highly useful in the creation of structures like relocated, pop up restaurants, mobile offices and pop up motel rooms. Amazing, if you ask me.

Who knew something that humble and seemingly useless can become iconic and highly in demand? Who knew architects would be able to create shipping container home designs that will are architectural masterpieces?

Anyways, the Müvbox Pop Up Restaurant was built using one 8ft x 20ft shipping container. Outfitted with solar panels and all other restaurant paraphernalia, this is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs who are looking to minimize carbon footprint, use recycled materials, create mobile restaurants and make profits in the process

Number of Shipping Containers Used in the Pop Up Restaurant

One 8ft x 20ft Shipping Container

Credits to:

Pop up restaurant by Müvbox

Sid Lee


Benefits of the Müvbox Pop Up Restaurant:

The Müvbox Pop Up Restaurant is one of a kind. In fact, you could think of it as a push button restaurant. Taking about 90 secs to unfold and deploy, the Pop Up restaurant is very eco friendly and  uses solar power, is cheap and affordable, not to mention mobile.

Entrepreneurs and investors thinking about investing in restaurant franchises can save a ton of money on rent by using  this mobile Pop up restaurant. Considering its flexibility and designs, you can easily have 28 guests or customers in the restaurant at every point in time.

The design is innovative and inspiring. Forward thinking business people will do well to consider doing a Pop Up restaurant if they want to get into restaurant franchising or setting up new branches.

Investment: $150,000

Time to build: Unknown. Information to come

For more information about building a pop up restaurant from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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