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Description of this Storage Container Home

Storage container homes are becoming increasingly popular. Not just because of their aesthetic appeal and stylish designs, but also because they are very capable of helping you cut back on excess energy consumption and promoting green living.

The Tim Palen Studio is a perfect example of the creative and design triumphs seen in many storage container homes. Located in the Mojave Desert, the storage container home is a prototype pre-fab storage container home built by Ecotechbuild (a subsidiary of Ecotechdesign).

The shipping containers, installation of the utilities and foundations had to be put together off site in LA before they were transported to their location in the Mojave desert.

Sometimes referred to as the green machine for living, the storage container home is made up of a bedroom and has a full and half bathroom. The home is separated into two parts: the storage building and the photo studio.

The walls were built to face the south in the bid to protect the storage container home from glare, the desert heat, sand and forceful winds. The solar breezeway acts as some sort of ventilator that helps regulate air flow in the home. The second level which was designed for artwork displays is connected by the steel-clad stairway.

And the windows and doorways act as natural light sources.

Other distinct features include the hybrid house design with a lot of “green” potential, a storage tank (takes 10,000 gallons), fire, wind and earthquake protectors, recycled steel, options for solar energy as a source of electricity and energy, living roof system, state of the art insulation and cooling systems, and excellent energy and water conservation systems.

This amazing storage container home costs $200 per sq ft. To get something similar, it’ll cost between $150-$250 per sq ft.

Number of Shipping Containers Used in this Storage Container Home

5-20 long shipping containers

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Benefits of Storage Container Homes

Amazingly beautiful homes are now within your reach, thanks to fantastic and astonishing storage container homes. Most people are unaware of this excellent source of housing. Storage container homes are affordable, flexible and can be designed to your taste. Because they are built from recycled shipping containers, storage container homes constitute less waste, promote a green environment, conserve energy and promotes efficient, cost effective living.

Investment: Unknown

Time to build: Unknown

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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