Sea Storage Container Houses

Storage Container Houses:

Shipping container houses, sea container storage facilities and buildings constructed from recycled shipping containers are excellent alternatives for traditional building, housing, storage facilities or a combination of two or more of those.

Arthur Carvalho’s imaginative and smart use of recycled sea storage containers is a good example of what can be done with sea storage containers.

The initial idea was to build a structure that would be a container storage facility for wines. But over time, the structure evolved into a multi-use facility with a dinner party lounge for forty to fifty persons, studio, swimming pool and a semi-industrial kitchen.

Installed in a perpetually shaded location, the building is fitted with double glass windows, and has roof insulation so guests can stay cool.

Built using two full and two half 40 ft High Cube recycled shipping containers, the foundation was made with concrete, the roof waterproofed, and aluminium windows installed, roof installation carried out using expanded clay balls. Interestingly, the building was completed in a very short time (please see below).

Number of Shipping Containers Used in Storage Container Houses:

4 Shipping Containers

Credits to: Sea Storage Container Houses by Arthur Carvalho

Benefits of Storage Container Houses:

Storage container houses like this are considerably less capital intensive and can be easily afforded than traditional homes.

To build the storage container house, Arthur didn’t have to spend a lot. Try doing this with a traditional house and you’ll see why storage container houses are great.  Oh and one other good thing about storage container houses is that you can often install them in sites where traditional homes won’t stand or allowed.

They are also the perfect getaway home. Because sea storage container houses are flexible, you can incorporate unique designs and stylish architecture to both the exterior and interior.

Investment: 10,000 Euros so far

Time to build: 7 Days

For more information about building sea storage containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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