Description of this Shipping Container Studio:

Artists who want a reasonably priced studio can borrow a leaf from the Badgast Shipping Container Studio idea.

Thanks to innovation and amazing designs, you can have a shipping container studio with all the frills for far less than it would cost you to build a conventional studio.

Located in a surfers village in the Netherlands called Free Architecture Surf Terrain in Scheveningen, the Badgast shipping container studio is not only amazing designed, it also promotes green living. It is both comfortable and practical.

Constructed and designed by Refunc for Satellietgroep, the contemporary live-in shipping container studio residence  attracts artists, designers, scientists and architects who are often given invitations to live and work there for four weeks or so.

The shipping container studio was built using two recycled shipping containers. One, 20ft long and the other 10 ft long.

The 10 ft long shipping container which is accessed from the ground floor through a stair case is perched atop the 20 ft long container and is the living quarters in the residence.

The 20ft long container on the other hand, is the art studio and work space and is fitted with simple, finished plywood.

Number of Shipping Containers Used in this Shipping Container Studio:

2 Shipping containers (a 10ft and 20ft container)

Credits to:

Shipping Container Studio by Refunc for Satellietgroep

Benefits of Shipping Container Studio:

As an artist, you will find this shipping container studio effective for inspiration, creativity and ideas. And the good thing is that it can be located away from the main house.

That way, you can get the solitude and maximum concentration required to unleash the genius inside you. It’s also a good getaway spot for rejuvenation and recharging yourself.

Since it can be located in just about anywhere, you could turn the shipping container studio into your retreat or an off the grid cabin where you can retreat to get away from the hustling and bustling of every day life.

To get the best results from this shipping container studio, you would do well to locate it somewhere serene and peaceful like in the woods, by the sea or lake or anywhere you know there will be minimal disturbance and interruption.

A shipping container studio like this is reasonably priced and won’t cost you as much as a conventional getaway studio or cabin.

Investment: Unknown. Information to come

Time to build: Unknown. Information to come

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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