The Daiken-Met Architects Shipping Container Office, Gifu City, Japan

Description of this Shipping Container Office

If you’re a shipping container home aficionado, it makes sense that you would be used to seeing surprisingly pleasant shipping container homes.

But have you seen a shipping container turned into a shipping container office? Have you seen an exquisitely designed shipping container office?

If you haven’t, the Daiken-Mets Architects container office is a perfect example of how great a mobile office can look. Yes, you heard correctly.

Finished in 2011, this office is mobile. So, you can easily move the office from one location to the other without dismantling it.

The total area the shipping container office sits on is about 112 meter sq.

Built from seven shipping containers, this shipping container office is held together in a steel frame.  While the steel frame has been used in another shipping container building project, this is the first time it’s been used in a mobile shipping container office.

Number of Shipping Containers Used in Building this Shipping Container Office

Seven containers were used.

Credits to:

Waken not Jim

Nakamura Construction

Benefits of this Shipping Container Office

The seven container shipping container office can be used as fill in spaces for vacant urban lands. You don’t have to wait until there’s an office space to hire.

With this shipping container office, you can literally build the office elsewhere and transport to the vacant land you have. The shipping container office is energy efficient, easy to build, doesn’t take that much time (see time frame below) and is affordable.

And the best part is you can easily transport the shipping container office to a bigger lot if you find one.

Investment: Information to come

Time to build: Unknown, but we estimate it will take about 6-12 weeks with 4-8 workers working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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