Description of this Sea Container Home

Shipping or sea container homes are great if you are looking to build an affordable home. And thanks to innovative and contemporary architectural designs, your sea container homes can be gorgeous and stylish like the Dewitt and Kasravi home. This contemporary sea container home is owned by the couple Kam Kasravi and Connie Dewitt.

With architectural designs done by Modulus Architecture and the sea container home built by SG Blocks and Norcal, key materials used were 3.5 high cube shipping containers. The home located in Felton, California takes up 1,200 sq ft. Each shipping container used in building the sea container home was 8ft x 9ft x 40ft (width x height x length).Sea Container Home

To build this, the couple bought four shipping containers. All four containers were divided into six different sections, each no longer than 30ft. This was to help ease their transport safely to the home location. Each cut section was also fitted with glass and doors before they were moved. This was to help make the construction faster when they arrived at the site.

The sea container home has a bedroom, a sleeping nook equipped with bunk beds, bathrooms and a shower outdoors. The top floor has 9 skylights in the roof. The ground floor gets adequate lighting thanks to the installed metal grate on the floor of the top container.

Since the home is located in the mountains, the couple had to pay a lot more to ensure adequate fire protection and meet all building requirements necessary for constructing sea container homes in the mountains. They also hired geological consultants, soil analysts and structural engineers to . The cost of building this sea container home on a different terrain or location would be much less than the $408,000 spent on building this sea container home.

Number of Shipping Containers Used in this Sea Container Home

Four 40ft Shipping Containers

Credits to:

Sea Container Home by Modulus Architecture

SG Blocks and Norcal Construction

Benefits of the Dewitt and Kasravi Sea Container Home

Sea container homes are often cheaper and more affordable than traditional homes.

The cost involved in building this sea container home was high because of the location. If you want to build it on a different terrain, it would most likely cost you a lot less. That said, sea container homes are perfect for building where traditional homes are otherwise disallowed.

They are also the perfect getaway home. Because of their unique nature, you can incorporate unique designs and stylish architecture. The interior can also be designed according to your taste. And because it’s a custom home, all designs are unique to just you.


The total cost of building this impressive sea container home was $408,000

Time to build:

Unknown, but we estimate that it would take 4-8 workers 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for no longer than 5 weeks.

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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