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Description of QuikSilver Shipping Container Ideas

For those looking for shipping container ideas, there are many. Thanks to contemporary architecture and innovative designs, you can get as many shipping container ideas as you want.

While there are many shipping container ideas that you can search for and locate, you should start with the QuikSilver Pro New York 2011 Shipping Container Ideas. There are many shipping container ideas to choose from here.

These fantastic shipping container facilities are a product of combining surfing activities, the natural environment and Modern Urbanism Architecture. Designed by Stefan Beese of RE:BE Design during the 2011 Quicksilver NY PRO Surf event, these excellent shipping container ideas were meant to bring great architecture closer to the beach.

As Production Designer, Stefan’s shipping container ideas included finding a way to fuse the beach, the city and environment, thus creating a medley of unique, beautiful memories, sounds and experiences for the event’s attendees. He wanted the shipping container buildings to be wildly different from the standard white tent tops that are often seen at surfing events.

All the containers were pre-built and fitted with doors and windows. Because shipping container buildings have such “harsh” exteriors, Stefan decided to soften the look and experience by adding a softer interior that complements the exterior perfectly. This combination with the natural environment, helped create a medley of pleasant experiences.

The shipping container buildings seemed harsh, yet soft and appealing at the same time. The floors of the shipping container buildings were fitted with rattan mats or wooden floors, depending on the room or space.

To ensure that the effect of the house was amazing, he included rock gardens, oversize nature prints of waves, large scale driftwood mobiles and a few other natural items.

These excellent shipping container ideas were powerful in its effect and the structure served as both leisure building and storage facility for items and equipments used during the events.

Number of Shipping Containers Used:

Unknown. Information to come

Credits to:

Stefan Beese

Kosmo Studios

Benefits of Shipping Container Ideas:

Not only are these shipping container ideas used in the project great, they helped create an amazing environment and feel during the event.

The buildings lent some class and sophistication to the event, acted as storage facilities for the athlete’s surfboards and gear, were beautifully painted to capture the mood of the event and were aesthetically pleasing.

They added some beauty and variation to an otherwise white tent and tiki torches event.

Investment: Unknown. Information to come

Time to build: Unknown. Information to come

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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