Description: Over the last 4 years, Verbus Systems, which is made up of an Engineer and a Constructor has developed a modular construction system. In August 2008, after the containers had been prepared in China; Travelodge, the world-renowned budget accommodation company built their very first hotel structure out of shipping containers through Verbus Systems in the United Kingdom.  The total 120 rooms were made out of two different sized shipping containers.

Number of Shipping Containers Used: 86 containers used in total. 2 x different sizes.

Credits to: Verbus Systems

Benefits: The biggest benefit of using shipping containers in general, but especially in a hotel structure is that the containers are re-useable, therefore can be taken a part and reassembled very easily. This allows for the structure to be relocated with ease if necessary and makes for a great option for temporary accommodation, such as a music festival.  Also, the fact that the containers are initially prepared in China and are simply bolted together like lego pieces once they arrive on site, makes for a much quicker set-up process.

Investment: 4.5 million (pounds) – saving approximately half a million pounds in comparison to the traditional building costs.

Time to build: Information not provided.

For more information about building an entire house or granny flat from containers go to ‘Build a Container Home

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