Description of this Shipping Container Conversion:

Events, parties, shows, entertainment programs and concerts can be quite difficult to plan. From logistics to constructing the grand stand, there are many decisions to make and many options to choose from.

To help make at least one part easy (the viewing platforms and VIP lounge or sitting area), you may want to consider using shipping containers to build the podiums, grand stand and stage for the events.

For instance Stefan Beese, through shipping container conversion, built a huge viewing deck for the Voodoo Festival. Talk about thinking outside the box. This shipping container conversion was able to work as both that and the VIP lounge during the festival.

To successfully carry out the shipping container conversion and transform them into that, he used 6 40ft long shipping containers in place of conventional scaffolding. The good thing about this container conversion was the fact that the containers were also useful in storing the festival materials. Thus, cutting down on the cost of storage too.

To further enhance viewing, parts of the shipping containers were cut out to spell the word “VOODOO” and extra viewing balconies were created using two containers spaced 9ft apart. These shipping containers were cantilevered and fitted with bars too. The cut-outs also helped to create more vantage points for viewing the events and service areas for access and other stuff.

In the 2010 festival, the conversions design was enhanced with the addition of a 10ft ADA lift that took viewers to the top deck, providing a prime viewing location for viewers in the process.

Number of Shipping Containers Used in the Shipping Container Conversion:

Six 40ft Shipping Containers

Credits to:

Shipping Container Conversion by Stefan Beese

Benefits of Shipping Container Conversion:

It’s amazing how much people spend on conventional event scaffolding and building structures when they can get the same and even more impressive structures for less thanks to a successful shipping container conversions.

To successfully carry out a shipping container conversion, all you need is a bit of imagination. And if you are too busy or aren’t the creative type, you can easily hire a shipping container designer or architect to take care of the conversions.

Also, converted shipping container structures do not take as much time to build and construct as the conventional structures.  Also because of their mobility and ease, you can easily move them around if need be.

You cannot go wrong with shipping container conversion structures. They are the perfect way to build anything you want if you are on a low budget or want something extravagant on a large budget if you want.

Investment: Unknown. Information to come

Time to build: Unknown. Information to come

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