Description: Made from a 20’ purpose-built container, Fresh Box at UNM is used as an on-campus QSR and provides a warm-service menu including tacos, burritos, and other fresh cuisine. “Designing for the public in Albuquerque is an interesting challenge, and you see very neat architectural solutions in the area as a result,” Said Matt Wilson, Architectural Designer at Boxman Studios. “We were able to make a smart and functional space from upcycled materials that serve the students and staff efficiently.”
Fresh Box is made from a custom built container with a built-in slope on the roof for draining & a built-in canopy to protect from weather. Boxman Studios’ engineers designed the unit to allow for a road-delivery and still provide maximum working space.

Fresh Box design elements include:

  • Corrugated siding
  • Vinyl wrap with exterior designs
  • Operable linear window for ordering
  • Sliding pick-up window
  • Service/ access door
  • Roofing feature to blend with the campus’s aesthetic
  • ADA accessible site features

Number of Shipping Containers Used: 1

Credits to: Boxman Studios

Container restaurants can be built to any specifications. They can be outfitted for any size kitchen, including concessions and full-size operations.
The flexibility that comes from ground-up construction allows a restaurant to tailor the container to their own needs, not the specifications of a typical container.

Time to build: 90 days

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